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This guide has been produced by Genie Splashbacks to act as a reference for information regarding Anti-microbial splashback panels bought from Genie Splashbacks. This guide is for information purposes only and must not be construed as full instructions. It is advisable that any persons not fully comfortable or confident in amending panels seeks professional help from a trades person. Genie Splashbacks cannot accept any responsibility for damage or errors caused to panels by customers or trades persons.


Product Description

PPC01/Anti-Microbial (Anti-Mould) Anti-Microbial Abrasion & Chemical Coating

PPC01/Anti-Microbial is a UV Cured Anti-Microbial coating that provides both excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. This is available in both our Gloss and Matt Finishes.

Intended Uses

PPC01/Anti-Microbial is applied by spray to our Acrylic. It is based on a Urethane Acrylate Monomer and provides excellent chemical resistance as well as protection from ‘yellowing’ from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The product has also been tested as an Anti-Mould coating using test method ASM G21-09 and was proven to prevent mould forming, even after 28 days from inoculation.

Practical Information

This product is sold in a Gloss finish. It has been tested against many pathogens and has proven to be over 99% effective against E-Coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Aspergillus niger and Campylobacter Jenjuni.

Coating Adhesion

Using test method ASDM D3359 DN53 15 the coating adhesion was 100% stable, including after a 72 Hour soak.


We tested the hardness of the coating using two test methods.

  1. Using test method ASTM D3363 the acrylic gained a result of 6H.
  2. Using test method ASTM D1003, after 100 cycles, the Acrylic gained a result of <5%

Chemical Resistance

ISO test method 2812-4 at 24 hours.

  • Ketones
  • Alcohols
  • Esters
  • Glycol Ethers
  • Aromatics
  • Aliphatics
  • Alkalis
  • Acid
  • Diesel
  • Petrol

There has also been substantial testing of many different agents carried out by many of our customers, including military chemical agents, all with positive results. However, we would always recommend you undertake specific testing of the chemical or compound in question.

Which material is right for me?

3mm Natural Crystal Finish

3mm Uncoated (natural crystal 3mm) - A thinner 3mm thick alternative to our 5mm thick panels. These are much more flexible than our 5mm panels, making them perfect for slight curves or situations where ultra-light applications are needed. These do not have scratch, mould and chemical resistant properties.

5mm Natural Crystal Finish

5mm Uncoated (natural crystal) - As the 3mm Natural Crystal but 5mm thick.

6mm Toughened Glass

Highly scratch resistant, toughened glass. Our glass is low-Iron…meaning that it is as crystal clear as possible. This stops the green tint that you see on most glass, meaning the colour will be unaltered and seen as it was intended. Tough and heavyweight items. Bespoke, unique, classy look. Our glass is heat resistant so can be used behind direct heat sources. You can have any colour or design…just as all of our acrylics.


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