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3 benefits of choosing your own photos for splashbacks

Splashbacks play an integral part in any kitchen, bathroom, en-suite or wet room. Not only do they help protect your walls from splashes but they also deliver great visual appeal. If you’re thinking of redesigning your home and need a new splashback, choosing your own photos to use on it is a great idea. But what benefits does this offer?

Custom look and feel

Whether you are revamping your kitchen or bathroom, creating a custom look is important for many people. Getting a unique feel to any design can really help it stand out for all the right reasons. This can sometimes be hard though because most off the shelf products have been seen before. Choosing your own photos as part of any splashback design is the ideal solution to this issue. As no one else will be likely to choose the same photos to use, you can be sure of adding a truly unique, custom look to your home.

A personal touch

As well as making your home look unique, a splashback that uses photos you choose makes everything that bit more personal. Every time you see the splashback, you will be reminded of family, friends and happy times. You may even opt for a relaxing landscape photo to give your home an extra sense of calmness. Achieving this personal feel is a great way to turn any house into a true home and make it more personal to you.

Gets the look you want

As already noted, there is lots of choice when it comes to the materials from which splashbacks can be created from. This does not always mean finding one which looks right is easy. If you simply can’t find a standard splashback that hits the mark, creating your own is a great tip. By using photos with the right colours and feel, you will be able to achieve the interior design results you desire.

Create your own design with Genie Splashbacks

Here at Genie Splashbacks, our innovative services allow you to choose your own photos to add to splashbacks. Our made-to-measure splashbacks come in a choice of toughened glass or acrylic for superior performance. Order online or contact us on 023 9248 9626 for more details.

Which material is right for me?

3mm Natural Crystal Finish

3mm Uncoated (natural crystal 3mm) - A thinner 3mm thick alternative to our 5mm thick panels. These are much more flexible than our 5mm panels, making them perfect for slight curves or situations where ultra-light applications are needed. These do not have scratch, mould and chemical resistant properties.

5mm Natural Crystal Finish

5mm Uncoated (natural crystal) - As the 3mm Natural Crystal but 5mm thick.

6mm Toughened Glass

Highly scratch resistant, toughened glass. Our glass is low-Iron…meaning that it is as crystal clear as possible. This stops the green tint that you see on most glass, meaning the colour will be unaltered and seen as it was intended. Tough and heavyweight items. Bespoke, unique, classy look. Our glass is heat resistant so can be used behind direct heat sources. You can have any colour or design…just as all of our acrylics.


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