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Kitchen Interior trends for 2020

Out with the old and in with the new! Refresh your kitchen splashbacks with the latest trends hitting the kitchen catwalk in 2020 and add a flair of creativity behind the stove.

The marble effectMarble is becoming an increasingly popular choice for splashbacks and set to be a big contender in the kitchen industry in 2020. Think a mismatch of vein like lines scattered randomly across a piece of material. This effect oozes sophistication and luxury.

Here at Genie we can re-create a printed marbled effect splashback. Simply send us an image of the marble design you would like on a splashback and we can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your kitchen.

Black is back

Add a touch of luxe to your kitchen with a splash of black. Next year, black will be shining in all its glory in the world of kitchens. Commonly used a feature, it’s now taking over a whole room. Why not be daring and make a bold statement with a black splashback that stretches across your kitchen workspace and not just above the cooker.

Genie’s Black Glitter range will add a sparkle to your kitchen as good as the midnight sky.

Colour sensation

Add a palette of colours to your kitchen in 2020. Next year the colours of the pantone rainbow will be adorning kitchens across the UK and it’s not all about twining tones. Pairing the unlikeliest of colours will be causing a stir.  Appliances and floorings are pushing out the colour boat by moving away from the classic blues, greys and natural tones we have become accustomed to and introducing pop colours to brighten up kitchens.

If you are looking to brighten up your kitchen splashback, here at Genie we have a library full of colours for you to choose from. We can also match any desired colour including; Pantone®, RAL, Farrow & Ball and Dulux.

English Ash

Get back to nature and add a wooden effect to your kitchen splashback. Ash is set to be a big contender in the kitchen arena for 2020. A lighter wood than the rich oaks and dark mahogany’s, ash adds a touch of warmth to a kitchen.

All of our splashbacks are made using either acrylic or glass material and any effect can be printed onto our splashbacks. If you are looking to bring a wooden ash tone into your kitchen, send an image of the ash effect you would like on a splashback and leave the hard work to us!

Which material is right for me?

3mm Natural Crystal Finish

3mm Uncoated (natural crystal 3mm) - A thinner 3mm thick alternative to our 5mm thick panels. These are much more flexible than our 5mm panels, making them perfect for slight curves or situations where ultra-light applications are needed. These do not have scratch, mould and chemical resistant properties.

5mm Natural Crystal Finish

5mm Uncoated (natural crystal) - Visually indistinguishable from our Premium Hard-coated panels. The only difference is that these panels do not have the scratch, mould and chemical resistant properties.

5mm Premium Hard Coated Gloss Finish

5mm Hard-coated acrylic (premium gloss) - Your scratch resistant hard-coated panels also have mould and detergent resistant properties; making them the most hygienic and safe way to protect your kitchen, bathroom or any other room or purpose. They are light, while remaining very hard wearing.

6mm Toughened Glass

Highly scratch resistant, toughened glass. Our glass is low-Iron…meaning that it is as crystal clear as possible. This stops the green tint that you see on most glass, meaning the colour will be unaltered and seen as it was intended. Tough and heavyweight items. Bespoke, unique, classy look. Our glass is heat resistant so can be used behind direct heat sources. You can have any colour or design…just as all of our acrylics.


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