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Splashbacks: Not Just for Kitchens

When you hear the word ‘splashback’, you might immediately think of a kitchen splashback. While a beautiful splashback can be the centrepiece of a custom kitchen, there are other rooms that could really benefit; for example, the bathroom. A gorgeous, unique splashback could be the thing missing from your bathroom to bring it all together.

Splashbacks are available in a wide range of materials and prints and offer a wonderful alternative to tiling. They are made to measure and are anti-microbial, making them perfect for a bathroom. You could go bold with a unique print, such as a tropical island or penguin print. There are also more classic options such as white or blue, which of course can be colour-matched to Pantone, Farrow and Ball and RAL colours. Splashbacks can even be completely customised with your own photographs through the Genie Splashback website.

A splashback isn’t just for walls, though. We can even help you fully customise your bathroom to the smallest detail with our bath panels. The choice is yours: you could make your bath a statement piece or match it to a wall splashback. There is a wide variety of funky patterns for you to choose from as well, so you could centre your bathroom around a pattern, choosing colours to match (which will be good news if you’re stuck for ideas)! You could even opt for a beautiful mirrored splashback for your bathroom, for an ultra-modern feel. A splashback could also be the finishing touch in your wetroom or utility room. Imagine a beautiful wetroom, harmonised to one colour scheme, or a boring utility room brightened by a unique, gorgeous splashback centrepiece.

Splashbacks are not just available in a huge range of colours and prints, but also in different finishes. Choose from an acrylic, crystal, glass or gloss finish. Of course, the type you choose will be dependant on your design and needs. Genie Splashbacks can help you with completely customising your home with our products. Browse our website for a full range of products and installation guides, and get in touch with us today!

Which material is right for me?

3mm Natural Crystal Finish

3mm Uncoated (natural crystal 3mm) - A thinner 3mm thick alternative to our 5mm thick panels. These are much more flexible than our 5mm panels, making them perfect for slight curves or situations where ultra-light applications are needed. These do not have scratch, mould and chemical resistant properties.

5mm Natural Crystal Finish

5mm Uncoated (natural crystal) - Visually indistinguishable from our Premium Hard-coated panels. The only difference is that these panels do not have the scratch, mould and chemical resistant properties.

5mm Premium Hard Coated Gloss Finish

5mm Hard-coated acrylic (premium gloss) - Your scratch resistant hard-coated panels also have mould and detergent resistant properties; making them the most hygienic and safe way to protect your kitchen, bathroom or any other room or purpose. They are light, while remaining very hard wearing.

6mm Toughened Glass

Highly scratch resistant, toughened glass. Our glass is low-Iron…meaning that it is as crystal clear as possible. This stops the green tint that you see on most glass, meaning the colour will be unaltered and seen as it was intended. Tough and heavyweight items. Bespoke, unique, classy look. Our glass is heat resistant so can be used behind direct heat sources. You can have any colour or design…just as all of our acrylics.


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